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When it comes to fire alarm upgrades, there is no one more suited to help you than the experts at Amida Fire Ltd, based in Hertfordshire.

Please read below about some projects we have undertaken.

Ashlar House fire alarm upgrade

Chacombe Park fire alarm upgrade

This site had an old conventional Menvier fire system that had become problematic due to components beginning to fail within the main control panel. Firstly, we replaced the control panel back in 2011 with an advanced fire panel, utilising the existing conventional devices via Din-Rail Mounted Zone Monitors complete with end of line monitoring devices, thus retaining the monitoring of open and short circuits and head removal as per BS requirement. Since then, we have also converted some of the conventional radials circuits to an addressable circuit and replaced all the devices on the circuit with modern devices.
wo different construction companies built this site in two stages with the first stage having a Eurolite conventional fire alarm system and the second stage an advanced fire panel with fully addressable devices. The two systems had been linked via relay and zone input at the Eurofire end and an addressable input/output unit at the advanced end. However, this was causing some problems for the staff as they were confused by which part of the building was activated. In addition to this, resetting was often a problem, as resetting one panel would then reactivate as the 2nd panel was still in fire. The result was what we call the “Tennis Ball Signal”, where the fire signal will just bounce back and forth between the two panels, unless both panels are reset simultaneously. We replaced the Eurofire Panel with an advanced fire panel, and linked them via input/output units at both ends with some cause and effect that prevented the “Tennis Ball Signal” from being a problem.

Chalfont St Peter fire panel upgrade

Dudwell House fire alarm upgrade

We have extensive experience in both maintenance and design of emergency lighting and now boast the capability of the all-new addressable emergency lighting systems with downloadable reports, auto-test and schedules and a head unit main panel.
Dudwell is a site comprising two buildings, a newer system, fully compliant with an advanced panel and a historic site that had a Menvier conventional fire panel and devices. As the devices aged, the problems from them became more frequent, add to this the typically high ceilings on old buildings, and this was potentially becoming a call-out nightmare. We replaced the panel and devices and converted the system to a fully addressable. However, adding additional devices to make the system L1 compliant was by utilising Apollo Wireless RF XPander equipment. These detectors are programmed like a normal addressable Apollo device and communication with the advanced panel is via a RF interface complete with controls for simple operations. The detectors have 2 sets of batteries and switch from set 1 to set 2 and vice-versa every so often. By doing this, the batteries are able to last up to 2 years.

Emily Jackson fire alarm installs

Haywards Heath door entry system

This site had a fully addressable system; however, it was not L1 compliant and required additional detection in some areas, the majority of those areas consisting of often-difficult areas such as loft and small storage cupboards. The site is fairly old and a large majority of the cabling is Mineral Insulated (M. I/Pyro). Terminating this type of cable properly to ensure longevity and reliability is a specialist job and requires specialist tools. In addition to this, some containment was required for this job, so we decided on some 50mm light gauge tray.
On behalf of Savage & Sons Electrical, we carried out some commissioning works to the fire alarm system of this 5-storey office building that was being refurbished from top to bottom. In addition to the fire alarm commissioning, we were asked to install a new door video door entry system. 10 entry handsets were installed and a video entry phone on the exterior of the front entrance with Pin and Prox Input. Twenty-two doors were installed to the system, allowing users to open the front entrance door, lift lobby doors, and finally their own office floor doors. The entire system administrated by the building’s manager/security team via PC.

Marriot House nurse call system upgrade

Newton House fire alarm system upgrade

This site had a nurse call system that was failing repeatedly. The old system utilised a 12v DC supply from an external PSU. We replaced the system with a modern Quantec addressable nurse call system. Displays were installed around corridor and staff areas, new call units installed in the bedrooms, pair leads supplied. Pull cords installed in bathrooms giving the home a new reliable nurse call system that the staff, and more importantly the residents could rely on. The system also has the ability to support Infrared/Radio neck and wrist pendants should the need arise. The Quantec system is so versatile for a retro-fit, mainly due to ability to be adapted to many wiring configurations, add to this the fact that it runs at 24v not 12v means volt drop from long and/or high resistance cabling is rarely problematic.
When we began looking after Newton House it quickly became apparent that their systems had a lot of scope for improvement, not only for reliability, but in aid of speed for identifying a fire and its source. The building originally comprised of a single storey building with 2 wings (Castlegate and Watergate). Over the years the building has had various extensions, a total of 4 each one having its own conventional fire alarm panel, and not well interfaced to the adjacent buildings. We decided the best course of action for the fire alarm system was to replace the existing panels with a mixture of advanced fire panels and advanced repeater panels. Detection devices have also been upgraded so the home now has an addressable system, networks with cause and effect, to only affect doors etc. in relevant buildings and not the entire site.

After completion of the fire alarm upgrade works, the home then asked up to quote to replace the entire nurse call systems. A fairly involved task as there were currently 4 nurse call systems on site. We installed 2 new Quantec control panels, various displays through corridor areas and replaced every call unit. The site nurse call was zoned makes the system act like 4 separate systems, however in the event of an emergency or a staff attack, the system immediately goes into global and alerts the entire site. During the upgrade, we only maintained the existing system until new system was ready, thus minimising risk to residents and disruption to staff.

Winchester Biomass fire alarm installations

Tixover Grange fire alarm system upgrade

In a bid for being green for the environment, Barchester Healthcare had a biomass heating system installed. Obviously, the store for such fuel required some detection. We linked the detection to the existing buildings fire alarm system via catenary wire and fitted new devices. The devices were programmed into a dedicated zone and where applicable, zone charts updated to show the new area.
The site had a Ziton Panel with Clymac Devices, in keeping with the tradition the Barchester Healthcare have. It was decided that the system would be replaced with an advanced panel. We carried out the replacement of the panel and all devices, we also then fitted multi-detectors in the kitchen and laundry areas, with programming to allow them to ignore steam and smoke during the operational hours, and react to smoke and excessive heat when the kitchen and laundry are not in use.

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